Enjoy a lovely summer solstice!

As many of you know, today was to be The Lesbian Conference in Los Angeles but sadly it was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. So wherever you are in the world, enjoy a long day of sun, fun, family, friends, some World Cup and lots of daylight.

Today is summer solstice!

Today is summer solstice!


Thanks for following and we’re working on some new ways to organize spoken word events for the LBTQ community. We’re open to ideas, so drop us a line at info@thelesbianconference.com with your thoughts. And we’re always looking for sponsors!

Happy June 21, 2014!

Sandra Sick

Executive Director, The Lesbian Conference

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Yes It’s True, The Lesbian Conference Is Cancelled, Sadly!

The Lesbian Conference, LLC launched last year with the goal of bringing smart and inspirational conferences to queer and lesbian women with the first event planned for June 21, 2014. The venue was selected, a robust agenda of exciting and exhilarating speakers from the lesbian community was programmed and we were focused on building a community and marketing the event. Just a little more than a month prior, it was decided that poor tickets sales would not allow us to commit to all the financial requirements for the event.

We always learn a lot by trying to do something new and first-time events need a lot of early support as well as some key sponsors. And events that do not serve alcohol or have huge attendance numbers are hard to get sponsor dollars to help make them successful. We knew this would be a challenge.

We did get far but we did not get all the way. And as Theodore Roosevelt once said, “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed”.

This Lesbian Conference project was my vision and the type of event that I long to attend. I was fortunate to attend Lesbians Who Tech in February and it was just simply exciting to be surrounded by hundreds of lesbians who wanted to connect, share and build a stronger community. And these events cost money and we need support from the community to make them successful and enhance our lives.

Simply stated, The Lesbian Conference is a TEDx type of event for our community. Lesbian business owners were going to talk about how actions create change, an actor was going to share about living out in all your dreams, entrepreneurs were going to share about their movements helping others and there was going to be a lot of interesting dialogue and the opportunity to learn, network, laugh and maybe even cry together.

We will continue to gather data and look for a way to bring this type of spoken word event to you. In the meantime, do share your thoughts and comments and yes, we could have spent a lot more money on marketing and made the tickets free, but this is a company with the idea of making money to enable us to have numerous events around the US and then internationally. It’s reasonable to expect that when thousands of women attend a night in Key West, Miami, Palm Springs, London and elsewhere and pay $100 to enter an event and have a few drinks, that people can justify $79 for an entire day of stimulating talk.

Continue to follow The Lesbian Conference and to share your thoughts, comments and ideas directly at info@thelesbianconference.com

Have a great weekend,

Sandra Sick

Executive Director

Are you Attending The Lesbian Conference?

The Lesbian Conference is coming to Los Angeles on June 21st and we need your help with the following question. Please take a few moments and tell us if you are able to attend and if not, why. This simple Q&A will take less than a minute and your time is greatly appreciated. The results will help us in the planning and marketing of this first-time event.

And if you want to buy a ticket, visit our site today. It’s fast and easy.

We know a lot of people purchase tickets late in the process, but the earlier the better!

Thanks for your time!

The Lesbian Conference is NOW 60 Days Away!

Get ready form some amazing speakers

Get ready form some amazing speakers

Today marks the 60 day countdown to The Lesbian Conference happening at The Harmony Gold Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 21st.  For awhile now you have likely heard, read or seen posts and tweets about this first-time event programmed for the lesbian, queer, bi and trans community. With a lot of excitement we are pleased to share the current speaker list and their topics for you to better understand what is planned for this day of sharing insight, inspiration and information through storytelling, panels and discussion. Don’t wait to get your seat as tickets are selling fast!

This list will continue to grow as we announce other exciting and dynamic speakers so continue to check our website as well for details. Here goes…

Cleo Anderson, Spoken word artist and poet
o  Confessions of a Brunette Sidekick. It’s about my intersectionality identity as a young queer woman of color.

Kayce Brown, Founding team GaymerX and COO of anti-bullying organization ‘Be More Heoric’
o  Gaming and Bullying.

Tamika Butler, Board Co-chair, National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR)
o   How far have we come? A look at the landscape of the LBTQ rights movement.

Lauren Costine, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, educator, writer, activist
o   How a Little Known Myth Changed My Life.

Kristen Kavanaugh, Former Marine & Military Acceptance Project (MAP) Co-founder
o   Being a Lesbian Serving Under the Military’s ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT)’ Policy.

Regina F. Lark, Ph.D., CPO
o   De-Clutter 101: Change your life, find a girlfriend or keep the one you have!

Mary Malia, Gay Girl Dating Expert
o   Co-moderating the conference and panel moderator.

Karen McCrocklin, Storyteller, writer and radio host
o   Out from the Inside.

Bridget McManus, Actor, comedian and artist
o   True to You: Be Out In All Aspects of Your Life.

Shannon Wentworth, Entrepreneur, voluntourista and dirt farmer
o   Do a little – a lot. How many small actions can make significant social and environmental change.


  • Dating, Relationships & Sexuality

o   Moderator: Mary Malia, Panelists: Linda Santiman (MFT, Therapist), Kim Rosenberg (Founder/CEO of Mixology), Meaghan Novinskie (Founder, COO Mixology)

  • Lesbian Web Series

o   Moderator: Karen McCrocklin, Panelists: Shirin Papillon (CEO One More Lesbian – OML), Christin Mell (CEO Tello Films) and Rolla Selbak (Director of Kiss Her I’m Famous)

We hope you can join us in Los Angeles for a thought-provoking day and it will also be a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Please share the details, follow us on Facebook to stay in touch and BUY your ticket now.

And if you would like to sponsor the event, please drop us an email at info@thelesbianconference.com

Thanks and have a great week,

Sandra Sick

Executive Director

The Lesbian Conference


The Lesbian Conference Is Coming to Los Angeles!

Mark your calendars as the date of our first Lesbian conference will be Saturday, June 21, 2014 at a lovely theater on Sunset Blvd.

We’re confirming the last few speakers but we are still accepting speaker applications until Friday, April 4th.

If you have a story to share or a topic of interest to lesbian, queer or bi women, submit your application today online at:


And so you don’t forget, make note of the date and see you in Los Angeles!

Save the date for The Lesbian Conference

Save the date for The Lesbian Conference

Some Good News – Survey Shows Increase in Support of Gays and Lesbians!

Gay & Lesbian survey results

Americans’ attitudes toward the lives and choices of gays and lesbians.

On the heels of the horrific news coming out of Uganda regarding their harsh anti-gay laws, many of us in the US and elsewhere are also shocked by the news from the Arizona Governors office regarding their anti-gay bill. It often feels like we are taking one step forward and two steps backwards when such terrifying news makes it around the globe.

So not to be missed with all this ‘bad news’ is the recent release of a survey from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) on Americans’ attitudes toward the lives and choices of gays and lesbians in the US. It is very clear that a lot has changed since Massachusetts first legalized same-sex marriage – already a decade ago!

Here are some very promising points from the survey;

1. There has been a significant shift toward tolerance across every religious, political and age group and EVERY region of the country.

2. Support for same-sex marriage jumped 21 percentage points, from 32% in 2003 in a Pew Research survey to 53% in 2013 in PRRI’s survey.

3. The survey found the number of people who say same-sex marriage is against their religious beliefs dropped, from 62% to 51%.

4. Many former churchgoers are not happy with their church’s negative teachings or treatment of LGBT people and it was an important reason whey they left the church.

5. And such a refreshing and critical point, the number of Americans who say they have a close friend or family member who is gay or lesbian rose from 22% in 1993 to 65% today!

And those with personal ties to an LGBT person are almost twice as likely to favor same-sex marriage (63% to 36% against). PRRI reports: “This ‘family and friends’ effect is present across all major demographic, religious and political groups”.

So in the mist of a lot of  harsh world news and the anti-gay law/bill headlines, we feel encouraged to hope for more change, further progress with marriage equality and stronger laws that protect everyone in the LGBTQ community as well as hope for added progress around the globe.

For details on the complete survey, click here:


Thanks for following and please share this blog and The Lesbian Conference with your ‘family and friends’!

All the best,

Sandra Sick

Executive Director

PS – We still are accepting speaker submissions for our upcoming conference. Stay tuned and submit your ‘story’ today!

What Makes A Great Talk?

The Lesbian Conference

The art and science of great talks.

Our team gives a lot of thought as to what makes a great talk and we spend a lot of time researching and finding the right people to give those talks at The Lesbian Conference. While doing research I recently came upon this interesting TED Talk given by Nancy Duarte in November 2011 entitled ‘The secret structure of great talks’.

It’s a must view if you have to give a presentation or talk of ANY kind. It’s also a must view if you are thinking you want to someday share your story with others. Enjoy the presentation and here are a few of the quotes from the talk that stand out.

‘An idea is powerless if it stays inside of you’ 

‘If you communicate an idea in a way that resonates, change will happen’

‘The way that ideas are conveyed the most effectively is through story’

And should you want to share your story with The Lesbian Conference attendees, please submit your speaker application online.

Have a good day and enjoy all the stories that come your way as you live your week. Draw people towards ‘what could be’ as you share your stories.

All the best,

Sandra Sick

Executive Director, The Lesbian Conference